Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

  • Three Key Benefits of Tree Pruning

    If the trees in your garden are starting to show signs of disease, or they're outgrowing their space, you may want to consider pruning them. Pruning is a kinder option than cutting a tree down altogether when you're not ready to say goodbye, and it gives you the chance to rescue a tree before you're forced to give it the chop.  You'll stop the spread of disease While it isn't possible to stop tree diseases from spreading in all cases, a professional can identify diseased branches that haven't yet affected the rest of the tree.

  • Iron Chlorosis: What You Need to Know

    If the leaves on your trees have begun to yellow, the cause may be iron chlorosis. Iron chlorosis is caused because the tree is deficient in iron. Iron chlorosis can eventually cause leaves to turn completely brown and die. Leaf death can impact the health of your trees. Below is a guide to the possible causes of iron chlorosis and the steps you can take to combat it. Non-aerated Soil

  • Alternative Uses For Tree Prunings

    If you have trees growing on your land, you will need to have them pruned and tidied up from time to time.  Regular tree lopping helps to keep trees healthy and is especially important following storms when damage could have occurred.  But what should you do with the leftover prunings?  Your tree service contractor will remove any debris for you if you ask them to, but there are a few alternatives you might want to consider.

  • Why Tree Lopping May Increase the Likelihood of Summer Limb Drop

    Summer limb drop refers to the sudden dropping of a tree branch without any immediately clear reason. This limb drop usually occurs during summer. Tree lopping refers to the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches and leaves for different reasons, such as managing the height or width of a tree's structures. This article discusses how tree lopping may increase the likelihood that your trees will suffer from summer limb drop. Increased Incidence of Infections

  • Five Things to Do Before You Start Removing Trees That May Be Hazardous in Terms of Bush Fires

    Bush fires can be a major threat, especially if your home is located on a plot filled with trees. To reduce the chances that the fire may affect the trees on your property and eventually set your house on fire, you may want to remove some trees. Before you start cutting down trees, there are several things you should know: 1. Check if you are in a 10/50 zone. If you are in a 10/50 zone, you are allowed to cut down hazardous trees without permission.

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    Amazing old trees

    If you live in an old house, you might find that some of the trees in your yard are as old, or older, than your house. Trees are a great link to the past of the house, but as they get older, like any living thing, they need a little more tender loving care! I help homeowners restore and maintain the trees at their house so that they look beautiful and healthy again. If you are the proud owner of an older tree and want to make sure it retains its natural glory, keep reading for my hints and tips.