Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

  • Snakes, Spiders and Stumps: How Tree Stumps Attract Snakes and Spiders to Your Yard

    When you remove a tree from your yard, you would be wise to get rid of the stump too. Tree stumps eventually begin to rot. As a tree stump and the roots attached to it rot, pockets open up in the soil around them, leaving depressions in the ground. Not only are these depressions tripping hazards, but they are also potential nesting sites for pests both large and small. If you live somewhere like the UK, where there are very few, if any, dangerous spiders and snakes, your tree stump won't be so deadly.

  • Careful Where You Park: Don't Wait for Excessive Weight to Kill Your Trees

    The trees on your property are not only beautiful but can be functional as well. If you have a gorgeous specimen next to your driveway, you might park your car underneath it, using its foliage to shade your vehicle to keep it cool. Chances are that any visitors to your home are doing the same. This is not a great idea. But why? Compacted Soil, Compressed Roots The average weight of a small car is around 1354 kilos.

  • A Pooch Pampered by Plants: How to Choose a Tree for Your Dog-Friendly Garden

    Are you thinking of adding a tree or two to your dog-friendly garden? If so, it is important to ensure that you choose a species of tree that is both safe and beneficial for your dog. Some tree species may look as innocuous as they are beautiful, especially to an adult, but to a dog, they could be deadly. When choosing a tree for your garden, base your choice on the following factors.

  • Make Easy Work of Using Your Tree Loppers

    When the time comes to prune a tree in your garden, you may find yourself instinctively reaching for your tree lopper. Before you do, take some time to learn about operating one with ease.  Identify where you need to cut and hold your position accordingly If you're confident you know where you want to lop your tree's branch, aim to start lopping 1/4 of an inch away from it. Doing so is necessary as the angle of your blades and the way you lop will result in a natural deviation, which could reduce your accuracy if you don't plan to work against it.

  • Two reasons why you should hire an arborist to cut down the trees in your garden

    If you're on a tight budget and need to cut down one of the trees in your garden, you might be thinking about tackling this job yourself. However, this is not a good idea. Here are two reasons why you should hire an arborist to carry out this task. You could inflict major damage on your home and endanger those inside it If you attempt to cut down a tree by yourself, there is a risk that you could inflict major damage on your home or accidentally injure other household members who are inside it during the tree felling process.

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    Amazing old trees

    If you live in an old house, you might find that some of the trees in your yard are as old, or older, than your house. Trees are a great link to the past of the house, but as they get older, like any living thing, they need a little more tender loving care! I help homeowners restore and maintain the trees at their house so that they look beautiful and healthy again. If you are the proud owner of an older tree and want to make sure it retains its natural glory, keep reading for my hints and tips.