Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Three Key Benefits of Tree Pruning

by Rose Reyes

If the trees in your garden are starting to show signs of disease, or they're outgrowing their space, you may want to consider pruning them. Pruning is a kinder option than cutting a tree down altogether when you're not ready to say goodbye, and it gives you the chance to rescue a tree before you're forced to give it the chop. 

You'll stop the spread of disease

While it isn't possible to stop tree diseases from spreading in all cases, a professional can identify diseased branches that haven't yet affected the rest of the tree. Spotting tree diseases isn't always easy. While some produce blackened shrubs, others feature feature shoots that die from the tip and leaves that yellow and fall earlier than they should. If you suspect your tree has a disease, call a professional. With the right expertise, the person you hire will identify the idease and remove the areas that pose a threat to other areas, giving you the best chance of holding onto it. 

The surrounding area becomes safer

If your tree features any of the following, it may pose a threat to the surrounding area:

  • Large dead branches that are threatening to fall away
  • Long branches that pose a trip or fire hazard
  • Branches that extend towards power lines
  • Free flying branches that touch windows and other sensitive areas when the wind is blowing

Such trees aren't just a health and safety risk for your household, they may cause a risk to those around you too. As such, you may wish to consider tree pruning to keep the area safe.

Your neighbours will thank you

While you may feel as though your tree is a beautiful spectacle to behold, your neighbours may feel differently. Trees that obstruct views, dangle into another person's property or cause shade where others don't want it can all become cumbersome. In some cases, you may find that a property surveyor identifies your tree as causing a structural threat to your neighbour's property. When such scenarios arise, you can use a tree pruning service to keep everyone happy.

While you may find there are some tree pruning tasks you can tend to yourself, always consider contacting a professional should you feel a task isn't within your reach. From cutting too far away from the stub of a branch to creating dents in the trunk, there are multiple ways you may cause more harm than good. With the right approach, your tree may last for years to come without causing any more problems.


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Amazing old trees

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