Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Iron Chlorosis: What You Need to Know

by Rose Reyes

If the leaves on your trees have begun to yellow, the cause may be iron chlorosis. Iron chlorosis is caused because the tree is deficient in iron. Iron chlorosis can eventually cause leaves to turn completely brown and die. Leaf death can impact the health of your trees. Below is a guide to the possible causes of iron chlorosis and the steps you can take to combat it.

Non-aerated Soil

If the soil is not properly aerated, a tree's ability to absorb iron can be compromised. Causes of poor aeration include compacted soil, plastic sheeting and water logged areas. 

To combat soil compaction, you should drive a garden fork into the soil repeatedly. This will help air to circulate within the soil. 

If you have covered areas of earth with plastic sheeting to protect it from the elements, you should periodically lift the sheeting to allow fresh air to come into contact with the surface of the soil. 

If the ground around your tree is water logged, you should dig new drainage channels to remove the water.

Alkaline Soil

If the soil in your garden has a pH greater than 7, chemical changes can make it difficult for trees to absorb iron from the earth. This can result in leaf damage which makes it difficult for the tree to perform photosynthesis. 

You can test the pH level of your soil by investing in a testing kit from your local garden centre. If you discover that the pH level of your soil is greater than 7, you can lower the pH level by adding organic matter such as compost to the soil. As bacteria begin to break down the organic matter, acidic waste products will be produced which will help to reduce the pH level of your soil.

Non-native Trees

If your plant exotic trees in your garden, you may find that they struggle to adapt to the pH levels of the soil. You should seek additional information from a tree specialist about the ideal conditions for your non-native tree. 

They will be able to recommend changes to the soil the tree is planted in and information about the ideal amount of water and sun exposure required for the tree to properly absorb iron from the soil.

If you have any concerns about the health of your trees or the impact of iron chlorosis, you should contact a tree service today. They will be able to assess the health of the tree before carrying out any necessary work.


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