Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Alternative Uses For Tree Prunings

by Rose Reyes

If you have trees growing on your land, you will need to have them pruned and tidied up from time to time.  Regular tree lopping helps to keep trees healthy and is especially important following storms when damage could have occurred.  But what should you do with the leftover prunings?  Your tree service contractor will remove any debris for you if you ask them to, but there are a few alternatives you might want to consider.  Read on to find out more.

  1. Firewood: If you have large branches or even whole trees removed, you could keep the wood and use it to fuel an open fire, fire pit or log burner.  Note here that you'll need to season the wood correctly before you can burn it as freshly cut wood contains water and sap which can prevent the wood from burning efficiently. Store your logs somewhere dry and up off the ground for at least six months to allow them to dry out thoroughly and discourage wood boring insects from feeding on the wood.  
  2. Flower bed boundaries: If you have a flower garden, you can utilise smaller offcuts of wood to form an attractive rustic boundary to flower beds.  Split the logs in two length-ways and set them into the soil to form a chain to divide your flower beds or to help keep ground cover plants confined.  
  3. Garden furniture: Large pieces of wood and branches that are not rotten or diseased can be used to make attractive, rustic garden furniture.  You can leave the bark on the wood if you want to create added interest.  If you're not confident at DIY, a local carpenter or cabinet maker will do the job for you at a small cost.  
  4. Patio lighting: Small offcuts of wood can be transformed into simple patio lights.  To do this, just hollow out a piece of branch, leaving the bark intact on the outside and finishing a few centimetres from the bottom of the wood.  Cut holes around the edge of the 'light', and then place an altar candle or tea light inside.  Place the lights around your patio to give a subtle glow in the evenings.  If you prefer, you could use battery-operated candles instead.

Next time you have your trees lopped or pruned, why not save some of the leftover wood and get creative?  Follow the tips and ideas given above or use your imagination to come up with your own unique upcycled wood features.


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Amazing old trees

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