Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

A Pooch Pampered by Plants: How to Choose a Tree for Your Dog-Friendly Garden

by Rose Reyes

Are you thinking of adding a tree or two to your dog-friendly garden? If so, it is important to ensure that you choose a species of tree that is both safe and beneficial for your dog. Some tree species may look as innocuous as they are beautiful, especially to an adult, but to a dog, they could be deadly.

When choosing a tree for your garden, base your choice on the following factors.

Look for Fast Shade Givers

If your garden offers your dog plenty of room in which to run around, you'll need a fast-growing shade tree. Your dog can't wait several hot summers for ample shade. You'll need a tree that can provide enough shade within a summer or two, at least. Therefore, a red maple, which grows 1-2 feet per year, is out of the question.

Choose something that provides shade fast, such as a poplar hybrid, which can grow up to 8 feet in a single year. If you plant several fast shade givers, within a year your garden will have all the shade it needs.

Choose a Non-Toxic Tree

Some trees are toxic to dogs. That means your dog's safety must trump everything else when choosing a tree for your garden. If your preference is a palm tree, for example, do your research. Some palm trees, such as the queen palm and the sago palm produce poisonous berries that are toxic to dogs when ingested.

The same applies to deciduous trees. Ensure that you do your research. You may choose a tree that you were fond of growing up. However, while that tree isn't poisonous to you, it could harm your dog. For example, did you know that the leaves and acorns of oak trees are poisonous to dogs?

Remember Spikes and Spines

Dogs love a good stick. However, should they sink their teeth into a tree branch covered in spines or spikes; they could literally bite off more than they can chew. Ensure that your tree is not of the spiny variety.

Use Plants to Deter Pests

Ants detest mint and mosquitoes can't stand garlic. Plant these near your new tree, and your dog won't be bothered by these invasive pests. These aren't the only pests on the prowl in your summer garden though, so ensure that you choose your plants carefully at a landscape tree supplier.

Choosing a tree for your dog-friendly garden doesn't have to be difficult. Look for a nearby wholesale nursery if you are purchasing multiple trees. The staff there should be able to advise you on the right tree for your garden.


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Amazing old trees

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