Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Considerations for Tree Removal in Your Yard

by Rose Reyes

If you're planning to remove a tree from your yard, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Council Approval

You may think the only thing you need to think about when you want to remove a tree is finding someone to do the job. That is not the case, though, as you might need to apply for a permit because some tree removals are subject to regulations. You should check the specifics with your local council.

A tree could be on a protected list because it's a rare species, has a massive size, or has cultural significance. Sometimes the trees in a particular zone are more protected than others. Your council will have its own specific information and rules. Some trees may not require a permit, giving you more leeway to remove them if necessary.

When you apply for a permit, you typically have to provide supporting documentation. For example, if you want to remove a tree because it's damaging your house's foundations, you may need a report from a structural engineer to prove your case. You may also need to provide photos of any visible damage and a site map marked with the tree's location. An arborist from your area should be familiar with the requirements.

The Tree Stump

Something to consider when removing a tree is what you plan to do with the stump. You may decide to leave the stump in place if it's not an eyesore and it's in a corner of the garden where it won't be a hazard. Alternatively, you could have the stump ground, which takes it back to a level underneath the ground. This process can be done with a large machine on your property, and then you have a pile of wood chips to use for the garden. They could become mulch or garden paths, for example. Otherwise, you can arrange for the arborist to dispose of them.

A third option is to excavate the stump and remove the root system as well. This is a large job, especially if a tree has far-reaching roots. Once you cut down a tree to a stump, the roots may eventually decompose anyway. But this is not guaranteed to happen in all cases. You can ask an arborist for advice on what to do with the roots and stump. They have other methods to help make sure a root system doesn't continue to grow.

For more information on tree removals, contact a professional near you.


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Amazing old trees

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