Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

4 Ways You Can Control Weeds on Your Lawn

by Rose Reyes

Gardening is a great way to escape from work and family issues. However, gardening can also become a pain when weeds invade your garden. Usually, weeds start to grow from one point and spread to the rest of the area. It can be pretty hard to control widespread weeds. Furthermore, they make the garden an eyesore and even kill healthy grass and plants. Read on to learn a few tips to control weeds in your yard:

1. Allow the Sleeping Weeds to Lie

Every part of your garden probably contains weed seeds. However, a very small percentage of these seeds get the air and water to help their germination. Digging and cultivating the garden might seem like a great thing to do, but it will bring the buried seeds to the surface. When that happens, they will get the water, air, and nourishment they need to flourish.

In this case, it is better to minimise soil disturbance. So instead, you should cut off the existing weeds with a sharp knife. Digging out the roots might seem easier, but the weeds will grow with more vengeance than before. Also, remember that weeds might stay dormant for years, which is why you should cut them off.

2. Do Your Best to Mulch

Another innovative strategy to get ahead of the weeds in your garden is mulching. Mulch covers the area and limits the amount of light that gets to the weeds, naturally killing them. However, remember that sometimes light can get through the mulch and still support weed growth. 

Additionally, you may unknowingly use mulch that is laced with weed seeds. The ideal thickness of mulch should be around three inches. Remember that if the weed is thicker that, it might also deprive the soil of oxygen. 

3. Lop the Weeds

Lopping is another great way to manage weeds. Lopping is simply cutting off the heads of the weeds. It kills these unwanted plants by hindering them from flowering, which could lead to seeds spreading all over the garden. It also kills the already existing weeds. 

4. Shade the Gaps between Plants

Another useful way to control the growth of weeds is by shading the space between the plants. Often, these are the places where most weeds grow. Ensure that you only use the recommended spacing between plants to avoid the spread of weeds.

These are simple and very effective ways to handle the excessive growth of weeds in your garden. But it is advisable to hire a weed control service for additional help.


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Amazing old trees

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