Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

3 Signs to Hire Tree Removal Services

by Rose Reyes

When buying a property, homebuyers consider many factors to ensure that they are getting value for money. One of the areas you can focus on during an inspection process is the landscaping, particularly the trees. Ideally, trees can add value to a property, but only if they are in good health. However, you might need to hire tree removal services in some cases to manage vegetation. This article highlights signs that you need to hire tree removal services.

Threatens Foundation -- Some property owners like it when trees grow close to their homes because of the fresh air. However, you should not let what is happening aboveground blind you to what is happening underground. Trees growing too close to a house increase the chances of damaging the foundation as the roots extend. Over time, you begin to see cracks in the basement floor or walls. To prevent it from happening, you should hire tree services to inspect the orientation of roots and plan how to remove the plants. The earlier you remove trees close to your house's foundation, the safer it is.

Threatens Underground Utilities -- Whether it is a drainage system, gas lines, or electric cables, you must keep a close eye on the impact of trees on utilities. Just like a foundation, the condition of underground utilities partly depends on the growth of roots. Big trees are particularly a threat to your drainage system, mainly if your property is old. Some people prefer to change the location of their drainpipes and other utility lines, but it is an expensive approach. It is much easier to remove a tree when you are sure that the roots will eventually damage underground utility lines. When planning to uproot trees from a client's lawn, tree removal services use compact excavators or cranes to ensure no damage is done to the underground utility lines.

Leaning Tree -- When a tree grows with more branches concentrated on one side or on relatively soft soil, it begins to lean. A leaning tree might seem harmless until a gale of wind hits it and the tree falls on your roof. As a tree continues to lean gradually, it might develop cracks that weaken the trunk. Leaving it unattended exposes your property, family, and pets to injuries. Therefore, if you notice that one of the trees on your property is dangerously leaning on one side, call tree services immediately. They will uproot it and leave your property safe for everyone.

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Amazing old trees

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