Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Two situations in which a person should order a tree report

by Rose Reyes

There are many situations in which the tree reports that tree specialists can create are incredibly useful. Here are two such situations.

A person wants to sell their residential property on which there are several trees

If a person has a residential property that they want to sell and this property features several trees, then it would be sensible for them to ask their local tree company to create a tree report. The reason for this is as follows; when people view properties that come with trees, they may have some reservations about buying them, due to concerns about the condition of these trees or the impact that the trees may have on the houses and other buildings that are on these properties. This is because most people know that, for example, removing a diseased tree or dealing with tree roots that have penetrated the base of a patio or the foundation of a house can take a long time and a lot of money to address.

For prospective buyers who have these type of concerns about a property, being provided with a copy of the tree report for that property, which contains detailed information about whether or not the trees on it are diseased, are likely to collapse or are invading the foundation of the house, will give them a clear picture of how much work they may or may not need to do to the grounds of the property if they decide to buy it.

The clarity that a tree report could provide in this situation will ensure that a potential buyer does not decide against buying a property, simply because they do not know how much it will cost them to deal with the trees on that property if they go ahead with the purchase. Furthermore, if a tree report shows that all of the trees on a property are healthy, stable and have not damaged the foundations or bases of any nearby buildings, patios driveways, this report could serve as a nudge of encouragement that might convince an ambivalent potential buyer to proceed with purchasing the property.

A person wants to construct a building on tree-covered land

If a person would like to construct a building on a tree-covered piece of land, then they should have a tree specialist create a tree report for them before they do this. The reason for this is as follows; a tree report could offer this person some money and time-saving information.

For example, if the report notes that the land features protected tree species that would be illegal to remove, then this could help the person to avoid making the mistake of felling one of these trees in order to build a structure in its place, and subsequently being subjected to legal action.

Likewise, if the report reveals that some of the trees are unstable and will collapse in the near future, the person who ordered this report could get them felled before building any structures beside them. This could prevent these trees from collapsing onto and destroying these new structures. 

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Amazing old trees

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