Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Advantages of hiring a professional to do your tree lopping for you

by Rose Reyes

Tree lopping is a good procedure for a number of reasons. If you have trees on your property that pose a safety threat because of large branches growing close to power lines or buildings, for example, then you might need to get those branches lopped. It can also be done for aesthetic purposes or simply just to take damaged parts of the tree off to allow new material to grow. Many people at least consider the idea of performing the tree lopping on their own to save money. However, before you decide on doing that, you first need to evaluate the advantages of hiring a professional arborist.


When it comes to safety, there's no doubt that the safest option is to hire an arborist to perform the lopping for you. They are professionals that have been doing this type of work for many years and received training to do it. You might notice that the money you save on not hiring an arborist to perform the tree lopping might be spent on safety equipment for yourself when you're attempting to perform it yourself. If you don't have the safety gear needed, like proper clothes and a good chainsaw, and you're not very accustomed to climbing in trees, you should probably abstain from doing your own tree lopping to avoid injury.


Tree lopping needs to be done carefully in order to get the best results. If you were to chop off an unnecessary amount of branches, the tree could die. The same goes if you were to cut off the wrong branches. It might seem easy to know how much to cut off if you have a branch that has, for example, been burned. However, the internal damage might go further or shorter than what you can see from the outside and cause you to take off too much or not enough from the damaged branch, which can damage the tree altogether.


If you need to have tree lopping done because of safety issues, such as a tree standing too close to a power line, it might cause you to need a permit from the local council, as it can affect your neighbours or have an impact on public property. A permit shouldn't be hard to obtain, but it might cost you a little bit. This is another reason to why you should hire a professional, as they get all the permits for you, and it's usually a part of their service that you don't have to care about at all.

For more information, contact a local tree lopping service. 


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Amazing old trees

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