Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

Don't Ignore These Signs That Your Tree Needs Maintenance and Trimming!

by Rose Reyes

Ignoring a tree when it needs some maintenance and trimming can actually be downright dangerous, as falling branches can be a hazard on their own, but they can also bring down power lines and cables when they fall. Sometimes it can be obvious that a tree needs some maintenance and trimming; a branch may be literally resting on power lines as it starts to cracks at the base, and of course it then needs to be trimmed.

However, you don't want to ignore other signs that your tree needs maintenance and trimming, and should call a professional tree lopper as soon as you notice any of the following:

1. When visibility is compromised

If your home is near a main road, does your tree obstruct the visibility of drivers? Do the branches hang out over the road so that they cannot see stoplights or signs in the distance? If so, it's time that the branches be trimmed. You might drive the road yourself and be honest about how much of an obstruction your tree is causing.

Do the same for pedestrians; if your tree is near the sidewalk and very low, and a branch hangs out over the sidewalk so that pedestrians cannot easily see around it, you need to consider trimming it back. Again, walk the route yourself and be honest about any obstruction it's causing and trim it back as needed.

2. When branches start to crack

If you can hear branches start to crack, this is often the first sign that they're ready to fall. This cracking is often the branch actually getting a fissure in the bark or the base. Once that fissure gets large enough, the branch will easily fall away from the tree. If you hear any crackling or other such sounds from your tree, examine the branches to see if they seem weak or overly dry and if so, have them trimmed.

3. When leaves look unhealthy

The leaves of a tree are like flowers on a plant; if they look unhealthy or don't blooms as they should, it's because they're not getting proper nourishment or moisture, or because there may be problems at the roots. Whatever the cause, if you notice that leaves on a tree seem brown or otherwise discolored, or if they're dry and just not blooming as they should, have the tree examined by an arborist.

Your tree may have a pest infestation or may be suffering from root rot, and will need to be trimmed or otherwise cared for so that it can be healthy and strong. To learn more, contact a company like Tony's Tree Care with any questions you have.


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Amazing old trees

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