Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

4 Steps on Removing a Tree Stump the Easy Way

by Rose Reyes

For a homeowner, removing the stump of a recently felled tree can be the most difficult part of the job. Tree stumps look unsightly and can be a potential trip hazard. In an attempt to remove the stump, homeowners use chainsaws, axes and fire. In most cases, this only serves to remove a section of the stump.

There are two very effective tools to use together to get rid of the stump entirely: potassium nitrate in powder form and time. This article looks at how to remove a tree stump the easy and efforless way.

1. Cut the Trunk Down

Once you have removed the rest of the tree, you should ensure that the trunk it sheared down as much as possible. Cut as much of the top of the stump away with the chainsaw as you can; try to leave the stump just a few centimetres high.

2. Create Vent Holes

This is the most labor intensive part of the process; even then it is pretty easy to do. You will need a cordless power drill and a spade bit for it. Use an extension as well, so that you can bore around ten or so inches into the stump with the spade bit. The spade bit will create a nice size of vent. Start drilling around the perimeter of the top of the trunk. Make the holes a few inches apart and several inches away from the edge of the trunk. Drill down at an angle of around forty-five degrees.

3. Connect the Holes

Next, move to the outside of the trunk. Mentally trace where you think the hole on the top should be and drill in from the side to connect the holes. It is fairly easy to do if you drill at forty-five degrees from the top to the side; all you are doing here is connecting the holes to make vents or shafts for air to flow through. Drill one matching hole in the side for every hole you made around the perimeter and try to connect all the holes.

4. Add the Powder

Next, pour the powdered potassium nitrate into all the holes and vents. After you add some water to the holes, you need to wait around a month for the stump to become soft and spongy. Once this has happened, you can effortlessly cut the stump into pieces with an ax and remove it all.

Instead of powder, you could pour kerosene into the holes and allow it to soak in for a week or two. Dropping a match in after this time will ignite the stump, causing it to smolder for days and eventually turn to ash. The vents will provide air to allow the stump to keep burning.

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