Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

What You'll Get With a Tree Removal Company

by Rose Reyes

Tree removal is a delicate procedure that requires the services of a professional because of all the things that can go wrong if you attempt to do this on your own. You may need to remove a tree because its roots have grown into your sewer or pipe line or because it is damaging another tree. So if you are hiring a tree removal company to take care of your trees, here are the full range of services they can offer you beyond just removing your trees.

Stump Grinding -- If you have old stumps in your yard, a tree removal company can get rid of them for you. Stumps can be a danger if you have children playing in your yard, so removing them isn't just an aesthetics issue; it's also a safety issue. Stumps are also a breeding ground for ants, termites and other insects that can do harm to your grass. Tree removal specialists typically grind stumps down with special equipment that not only removes the stump, but also tears out the top roots as well. In most cases, stumps are either flattened to the same level as your terrain or taken out entirely. And once the stump is removed, your tree removal expert can fill the hole left behind with mulching derived from the chips of the stump.

Tree Pruning -- Trees with overgrown branches, dead leaves and boughs that are gnarled make for an eyesore in your front or back yard. Pruning removes dead and damaged branches, dead leaves, branches that may be growing into power lines and general overgrowth. Tree removal specialists can also trim your trees in specific shapes that are pleasing to the eye and that can enhance the curb appeal of your property. Pruning involves the use of pruners, buck saws and chainsaws for maximum effectiveness.

Tree Reports -- If your trees are diseased or seem to be in a bad state, tree removal company specialists can analyze your tree to determine if it's in imminent danger of tipping over, or if the boughts of your tree are infected with a disease. Tree reports provide valuable information about the overall health of your trees and are often a first step in the tree removal process. The report is prepared by an arborist, a certified, trained specialist who is educated in everything related to trees. In fact, most local councils require an arborist's tree report before they will permit you to remove a tree from your property. This is especially true if the tree you want to remove is classified as a protected tree.


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Amazing old trees

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