Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

4 Ways To Reuse Your Tree Waste After Pruning or Removal

by Rose Reyes

If you're planning to have a tree service carried out in your property, it's important that you think about what to do with the tree waste that remains behind. Although the first thought that may come to mind might be to have them removed, there are other better ways to use up what remains after a tree service. Read on to see what they are and how they can benefit you.


Mulch is a vital ingredient in gardening. It helps create a cover above your planting beds. Consequently, mulch helps conserve moisture from evaporation, helping you save water and improve the germination of your plants.

One way to utilise your tree waste is to mulch it. Tree removalists can do this for you using wood chippers. The tree remains are fed into the chipping machine and out comes the wood chips. Be sure to ask about costs first as the mulching service may attract an added fee on top of your tree service expense.


Through wood composting, you can create healthy organic fertiliser that you can then use for your gardening efforts. You can compost your tree remains in several ways. For small logs, branches or larger wood pieces, have then chipped/mulched and then add them to your compost pit. For twigs and leaves, simply add them to the compost pit as they are. After decay and organic action has taken place in your compost pit, use your homemade fertiliser to make your home greener.


If you don't have any gardening needs for your tree waste, save your wood remains for firewood. Tree remains such as tree trunks, stumps and thick branches are ideal for this use. Just ask your tree service company to chop the wood for you. Once done, dry and store your firewood for later use. This way, you' avoid buying firewood or sacrificing other trees for fuel in future.


If you are having a perfectly healthy tree cut down, the timber may be ideal for construction. Ask your tree service about the tree type and whether ideal for building. If it is, you can have the timber cut into construction pieces like poles, railings, planks, etc. You can then use the timber for gardening: retaining walls, edging, pet houses, sheds and more.

There are many advantages to re-using your tree waste. Learn more about your options by contacting resources like Waratah Tree Services.


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Amazing old trees

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