Amazing old trees

Amazing old trees

How to Know When You Need to Call for Tree Lopping Services

by Rose Reyes

It may be obvious when you need to call for tree lopping services; if a tree branch is pulling on any suspended wires or cables, you need to trim it to keep those branches from causing damage. However, there may be times when a tree branch or the tree itself doesn't present such obvious problems, but it should still be trimmed and possibly even removed. Note a few tips on how to tell if you need to call for a tree lopping service.

1. If the tree is suddenly leaning

It's not unusual for trees to lean slightly as they grow, but if you notice that a tree seems to suddenly lean to one side, it may be time to call for tree lopping services. This may be a sign of damage to one side of the tree or to root damage and in turn, it may not be strong enough to hold its own weight. When a tree suddenly leans or leans severely to one side, it is at risk of actually cracking and falling and should be trimmed or even removed.

2. When the trunk is hollow

It may not be unusual for squirrels to burrow holes into the side of a tree, but if the entire trunk seems hollow, it's good to call for tree lopping or removal. The trunk supports the weight of the tree and when it becomes hollow due to animals or disease, the tree is at risk for falling.

3. When larger branches are dead or bark is missing

Small branches may die off due to pest infestation or disease, and these may simply fall away on their own without much damage. However, when you see larger branches that are dead, meaning they are missing large section of bark or have dead leaves, you want to get those lopped off and also have the tree inspected for damage. Those larger branches can cause property damage if they should fall and can even take down other, lower branches with them.

These larger branches that are dead can also be a sign that the tree itself is diseased and may become weak in the trunk. Missing bark can also be present on the trunk of the tree itself, and this too can mean that the tree is diseased and no longer structurally sound. If you notice large patches of missing bark on the trunk or large branches, call for a tree lopping service.


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Amazing old trees

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